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hipcilTALKS Resume & Interview prep
by Jesse Schwartzman.

Welcome back to another hip talk my name is Jesse and today we’re talking about resume and interview prep. So it’s very important when you’re looking at a resume to make sure that there’s no spelling errors.

I’ve looked at resumes for bosses in the past and with all the technology out there that has all the spell check and all that stuff you would still see people that have resumes that have incorrect errors. That have spelling errors that have sentence errors it’s very important to make sure that you do a double check and triple check of your resume for these errors.

Also if you’re going to include bullet points make sure these bullet points are the same size they’re the same color and that they’re even and not out of place and when you’re adding stuff to your bullet points make sure the content’s good.

Make sure you’re using action words organized worked on those types of action words are really good if you’re currently working there you would use you’re currently working there you’re currently spearheading a particular mission and if it’s a job that you no longer have you spearheaded something.

Make sure the correct tenses are important and make sure you use the most relevant position that you’re the most relevant experience that you have put it at the top because people are looking at so many different people are applying for jobs make sure you have the most important things most relevant to the position at the top. Ensure you’re putting all your important info your contact information at the top so I don’t have to go on a wild goose chase of looking on the bottom of the resume make sure it’s one page because honestly they’re only going to look at one page.

When you’re looking at interview prep make sure you do research on the company, I usually like to do it about two or three days before I have the interview. Sometimes people call you in for an interview on the day before if that happens you really hit the ground running get started make sure you really know about the company.

I’ve gone on interviews I didn’t really know exactly what the company did and who the important people were. I didn’t know much about the experience of the person I was interviewing me. Make sure you do that research you can look on LinkedIn and you can learn a little bit about them. See if maybe a past colleague or a past classmate from college went there you can reach out learn a little bit about the company. That way they can maybe help with the reference and contacts are very very key in this game.

Make sure you have all this selling points of why they really want to hire you make sure you have three or four past stories that mold you in and make you that perfect hire for this job. The person that they’ve been waiting for they’ve searched long and far and you’re the right person. Make sure you make that personal pitch some things that you may want to include is that practice your 60 second pitch practice.

The question they’re definitely going to ask you is why should we hire you or tell me about yourself these are very these things they want to know. They’ll probably ask at the beginning, it’s very important that you have an answer and you have a good you have a good answer to these questions.

Usually, it should include a little bit about your experience make sure the experience that you’re talking about is tailored to the role and include what you’re looking to get out of the role look at what you’re trying to accomplish. They really like someone that’s just not taking the job to take the job they want someone who’s going to take the job take it running has a plan has a future and the future is to be with that company that’s something definitely like

So on the day of the interview, I would say it’s very very important to even if it’s a zoom interview to be well dressed. I feel like that’s something very important. That’s what I would say anyone would tell you make sure things that you’re wearing are clean and that they fit well. Anything that employers are they’re going to be looking at everything and they’re probably hiring a lot of people so anything that can put you over the top is going to be very very helpful. They’re going to look for ways to not hire you versus hire you.

It’s unfortunate but that’s the name of the game so definitely make sure you go in there. You bring the confidence you appear happy you don’t appear nervous because they can tell so if you’re not confident if you’re not ready for it then they know.

Take a quick call from a friend they could hype you up watch a YouTube video you really need to be confident and hyped up to get the job and then once it’s over you’re gonna thank them for their time. you’re going to have that firm handshake obviously the smiling and the confidence is going to be really important. Don’t forget that thank you note I know from past experience how important that thank you note is.

So this was just a couple of tips and tools if you have any other things that could be helpful for other people dump it in the chat. I’ll have my contact information in the chat this has been great I really hope it’s been helpful and I wish you best of luck on your job search.

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