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2024 hipcil’s Summer Calendar Raffle!

Calendar of Event

Cash Prizes for Each and Every Weekday during
June, July and August 2024.

DateAmountTicket #WinnerDate of Drawing
Sat, June 1
Sun, June 2
Mon, June 3$50.00#1179Warren Williams05/31/2024
Tue, June 4$25.00#1342David Fedorko05/31/2024
Wed, June 5$75.00#1385Anne Marie Prendergast05/31/2024
Thu, June 6$35.00#1258Jane Koegel05/31/2024
Fri, June 7$30.00#1331Marcella Pinckney05/31/2024
Sat, June 8
Sun, June 9
Mon, June 10$35.00#1145Barbara Dublin06/07/2024
Tue, June 11$75.00#1203Patricia Guy06/07/2024
Wed, June 12$25.00#1084SR Mary Sean Hodges06/07/2024
Thu, June 13$30.00#1275Louise Lee06/07/2024
Fri, June 14$25.00#1521Joanne Frost06/07/2024
Sat, June 15
Sun, June 16
Mon, June 17$25.00#1574Hosea Brawley06/14/2024
Tue, June 18$30.00#1505John Koch06/14/2024
Wed, June 19$50.00#1519Phyllis Fischer06/14/2024
Thu, June 20$25.00#1171Karen-Mae Ferolino06/14/2024
Fri, June 21$30.00#1386Anne Marie Prendergast06/14/2024
Sat, June 22
Sun, June 23
Mon, June 24$25.00#1103Danielle Ciccone06/21/2024
Tue, June 25$50.00#1522Celathia Ward06/21/2024
Wed, June 26$25.00#1103Danielle Ciccone06/21/2024
Thu, June 27$35.00#1356Lori Gillooly06/21/2024
Fri, June 28$25.00#1111Mrs. M. Cook06/21/2024
Sat, June 29
Sun, June 30
Mon, July 1$25.00#1506John Koch06/28/2024
Tue, July 2$30.00#1287Judith Liebman06/28/2024
Wed, July 3$25.00#1286Gloria Liebman06/28/2024
Thu, July 4$100.00#1185Jon Gabry06/28/2024
Fri, July 5$30.00#1583Max Roy06/28/2024
Sat, July 6
Sun, July 7
Mon, July 8$25.00#1452Marvin Weinstein07/05/2024
Tue, July 9$50.00#1305Jenna McQuade07/05/2024
Wed, July 10$30.00#1184Valerie Frink07/05/2024
Thu, July 11$25.00#1125Mary Culver07/05/2024
Fri, July 12$30.00#1052Larry Bauer07/05/2024
Sat, July 13
Sun, July 14
Mon, July 15$25.00#1385Anne Marie Prendergast07/12/2024
Tue, July 16$30.00#1084SR Mary Sean Hodges07/12/2024
Wed, July 17$25.00#1353Anne Cotter07/12/2024
Thu, July 18$50.00#1156Chris & Amy Esteban07/12/2024
Fri, July 19$25.00#1446Carol Viceconte07/12/2024
Sat, July 20
Sun, July 21
Mon, July 22$25.00
Tue, July 23$75.00
Wed, July 24$35.00
Thu, July 25$25.00
Fri, July 26$30.00
Sat, July 27
Sun, July 28
Mon, July 29$25.00
Tue, July 30$75.00
Wed, July 31$35.00
Thu, August 1$50.00
Fri, August 2$25.00
Sat, August 3
Sun, August 4
Mon, August 5$50.00
Tue, August 6$30.00
Wed, August 7$25.00
Thu, August 8$30.00
Fri, August 9$25.00
Sat, August 10
Sun, August 11
Mon, August 12$25.00
Tue, August 13$50.00
Wed, August 14$30.00
Thu, August 15$25.00
Fri, August 16$50.00
Sat, August 17
Sun, August 18
Mon, August 19$30.00
Tue, August 20$25.00
Wed, August 21$50.00
Thu, August 22$25.00
Fri, August 23$30.00
Sat, August 24
Sun, August 25
Mon, August 26$25.00
Tue, August 27$25.00
Wed, August 28$25.00
Thu, August 29$25.00
Fri, August 30$250.00
Sat, August 31

The “In It to Win It” Summer Calendar Raffle is better than ever in 2024!

  • You can win money and support hipcil at the same time.
  • One ticket buys you 66 chances to win a prize.
  • The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win!

There is a drawing every Friday starting May 31st and continuing in June, July & August!

  • Winners are drawn 66 times during the summer.
  • Each day marked on the calendar lists a different cash prize.
  • If you win one day, your ticket is re-entered into the raffle for more chances to win again!
  • It’s not unusual to win more than once!

The proceeds of the “In It to Win It” Summer Calendar Raffle will support the Independent Living programs and advocacy efforts that hipcil provides to the community.

 Tickets and payments must be received at hipcil by Wednesday, May 29th.

Names of winning ticket holders will be posted every Friday on our website (www.hipcil.org) by 3 p.m. Winners will also be notified by mail.

hipcil’s Summer Raffles

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