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Book Club

Calendar of Events 

Always once a month.

July Book

July 26th, 2024
Time: 11 a.m.

Book to be discussed:
The Women by Kristen Hannah

Call Marie at 973-777-2006

The book club is a reading group, usually consisting of a number of people who read and talk about books based on a topic or an agreed-upon reading list.

Fall into a book… join the hip bookworms!

Good conversation, good insights into books and good friends meeting and having a good time.

We’d like to invite everybody to join the book club!

Come and have some fun, read some good books, and meet some new people.

It’s very easy, just pick up the phone dial 945-218-0051 Access 426-6427# and you are part of the group!

If anybody wants any more information about the bookclub, please contact:

Marie at 973-777-2006

Hope you’ll come and join us. Happy reading!

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