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hipcilTALKS about college

Video Transcription.

hipcilTALKS about college.
by Jesse Schwartzman.


Welcome to the first of many hip talks about the transition from high school to college.

My name is Jesse and I will talk about how stay organized some time management skills how best to scroll through your campus email and how to be an active listener.

I’m wearing a black shirt I have brown hair blue eyes and I’m wearing glasses or pronouns are he him there are many ways to stay organized.

I use reminders on my phone when I was in college I checked my calendar every night to check to see if I had to wake up early for either 7 AM or 8 30 a.m class or if I had to get up early to finish up a paper.

I would also check my calendar in the morning to see what I had going on to see if I had any preparations that needed to be done.

I also found it very helpful to make sure I had a folder and a separate section in a notebook or just a separate notebook for every subject that helps to keep organized and to stay organized and to make sure that you can separate all your different lessons from all your different subjects at the beginning of the month.

I also found it helpful to put dates and any other on points on a calendar either on a digital calendar or a or sometimes some type of planner.

I also used to have a dry erase board back in college facing my bed so I could use it when I went to bed and to woke up and when I woke up some of these things may not be applicable to everyone but um some of these things could help or be helpful um here’s a secret everything that you want to do you can find time to do in college you may have to get up early or stay up late or maybe or maybe spend less time on Tick Tock or Instagram or Facebook.

I’m not sure if anyone really uses uh uses Facebook in college anymore um in my senior year of college I worked about nine hours a week took six classes was president of an organization was in the student government and I had an internship that I went to for about two days a week what helped me was I was very conscious of my time.

I knew thanks to those things on to the items on the calendar to the constant reminders that I had um that I always knew where I needed to be and that was just very very helpful um what also was very helpful was setting up a to-do list of uh things that had to be done during the week or during the day um and I I actually stuck to it if you don’t stick to your to-do list there’s really no point of having a to-do list um and I felt like it was very very uh helpful because you can check off each thing and could focus on one task at a time which could make it feel like less that you’re doing one task at a time versus the tens of things that you have to do um.

I would also highly advise adding your school email to your cell phone um it would be very helpful if the college is trying to get in touch with you or for professors trying to get in touch with you and they communicate by email.

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