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Lining up.

As I was waiting in line for my COVID vaccine I started to recall the many times I have been involved in what they are calling mass immunizations. As a first grader we were all herded to the school nurse’s office where the challenge was not to cry at the sight of what seemed to be a very big scary needle for the Salk Polio vaccine. Things got a little bit easier when the Sabin vaccine came along. We received that one on a sugar cube on a Sunday in our Church hall. In 1976 when flu shots came into prominence, I recall gathering in the Hackensack High School gym to roll up our sleeves and start what would become an annual event for many people but later done individually at the Doctor’s office or a Pharmacy.

So, here we are on the anniversary of the shutdown on a different kind of line called online, struggling to navigate websites, seeking out vaccine leftovers at the Shop-Rite and happily responding to the text that tells you it is your turn.

As I look back on the year, I am proud of the work of the hip staffers who arranged food deliveries, distributed PPEs, and supermarket gift cards, purchased I-pads, Chrome books and microwaves, helped with rental assistance and utility bills all while continuing to serve our consumers in our traditional programs. Our work is still done remotely but we are looking forward to safely meeting in person when everyone is vaccinated.

We are in the final six months of our CARES Act funding and we still have the ability to provide services to remediate difficulties that arose due to the pandemic. Please contact us so we can see how we can help.

Enjoy all the new beginnings that come with Spring. Stay safe and be well.



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