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Heightened Independence & Progress (hip)


 bergenPAC Arts Access Program

The bergenPAC Arts Access Program offers free-of-charge tickets to numerous performances to local non-profit organizations throughout the year.

hip is honored to be a part of this program.

If you’d like more information about the Arts Access program and how to request tickets, please contact:

Maria at (201) 996-9100 ext.18 or email mvalentin.ber@hipcil.org

click here to visit bergenPAC - Bergen Performing Arts Center Website

bergenPAC Arts Access Program Tickets

01/25/2020 Brain Wilson (Upstairs Only) 8:00 PM
01/26/2020 Jackson Galaxy 7:00 PM
01/30/2020 Naked Magicians 8:00 PM
01/31/2020 Dead On Live 8:00 PM
02/04/2020 Emanuel Ax 8:00 PM
02/07/2020 Patton Oswalt 8:00 PM
02/08/2020 Sons of Apollo 8:00 PM
02/09/2020 Dinosaur World Live 1:00 PM
02/09/2020 Dinosaur World Live 4:00 PM
02/10/2020 Dinosaur World Live – School Time Series 10:00 AM
02/11/2020 I Have A Dream – School Time Series 10:00 AM
02/12/2020 Collective Soul 7:30 PM
02/13/2020 Brian McKnight 8:00 PM
02/15/2020 Luis Enrique & Rey Ruiz 8:00 PM
02/16/2020 Mike Super 7:00 PM
02/17/2020 Blippi 2:00 PM
02/17/2020 Blippi 6:00 PM
02/21/2020 Bob Saget 8:00 PM
02/22/2020 Super Diamond 8:00 PM
02/23/2020 America 8:00 PM
02/24/2020 Deepak Chopra 7:30 PM
02/25/2020 Shanghai Circus – School Time Series 10:00 AM
02/25/2020 Shanghai Circus 8:00 PM
02/28/2020 Air Supply 8:00 PM
02/29/2020 American Pop: Grass Roots, Buckinghams, Box Tops 8:00 PM

Tickets for listed performances are made available free-of-charge through a partnership between bergenPAC and hip.

Tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are not guaranteed. bergenPAC is happy to provide these tickets to our consumers; please show your thanks and appreciation by sending a note or a photo to hip after the show so we can share with them and hopefully continue this program.

We can only request tickets twice a month, on the 1st and 15th so please request your tickets 2 days prior to guarantee the request gets submitted.

If you have any concerns or questions with your tickets/seating assignment, please contact hip directly.

Do not contact bergenPAC to request a seating change or with other issues at any time (unless you are cancelling the day of the performance).

Contacting bergenPAC for any other reason other than a cancellation may result in the termination of your participation in this program.

*This program is available ONLY to 2019 hip members*

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