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In the mid-90s I was doing some work at the National Rehabilitation Association offices in Alexandria, VA, and it was my first time helping to develop a website. In those days I didn’t know dot org from dot com but I gradually saw the value in how information could be shared on the World Wide Web (WWW). So we got the domain address we wanted, put all the links and logos in place and waited for the magic to happen and it didn’t.  At that time our membership wasn’t ready to receive information in the electronic format and relied heavily on the direct contact from local and regional representatives.

The key to a good website is to provide accurate, pertinent and timely information in an interactive format that is accessible and user friendly.  I believe that we have finally achieved that goal so we’re ready to launch our new website and we are anxious to hear what you think about the new design and features.

We need to thank Pedro Martin for all of his hard work. Pedro was referred to us from the One-Stop and he is now employed at hip through The Easter Seals Community Service Employment Program (ESCSEP). His skill level and ability to redesign our system was an invaluable contribution to this initiative. We also  thank hip’s Maria Valentin for her work investigating domain names, hosts and browsers and tracking down all of the bits and pieces necessary to make our website a success.

So, welcome to our new website. We know that you’re out there and look forward to receiving the necessary feedback to make this an interactive tool.



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