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2022 hipcil’s Summer Calendar Raffle!

Cash Prizes for Each and Every Weekday during
June, July and August 2022.

$2,500 in Cash Prizes!

Donation: $25 per Ticket.

66 Chances to Win!

Prizes Range from $25 to $250!

Win Multiple Times!

Sponsored by
Heightened Independence and Progress,
Center for Independent Living- hipcil. 

to Benefit the Provision of Independent Living
Services to People with Disabilities.

All drawings will be held on or prior to the dates for
which prizes are to be awarded,
each Wednesday at 12:00 noon,
at the hip Office, located at
131 Main Street, Suite 120 in Hackensack.

All tickets are eligible for each drawing.
All tickets can win more than once!

Winner need not be present.
No substitution of the offered prizes will be made.

Winners will be notified via mail.
Winning ticket numbers will be posted on this website, each Thursday by 3:00 PM.

ID#: 180-4-32794   RL#: 2228.

Return payment with stub at bottom and keep the
calendar section.

If gambling is a problem for you or someone in your family Dial 1-800-GAMBLER.

2022 hipcil’s Summer Calendar Raffle!


DayAmountTicket #WinnerDate of Drawing
Wed, Jun 01$501843Trisha Ebel06/01/2022
Thu, Jun 02$251111Donna Cafone06/01/2022
Fri, Jun 03$351480Anna Navatta06/01/2022
Sat, Jun 04
Sun, Jun 05
Mon, Jun 06$501567Michele Sborocco06/01/2022
Tue, Jun 07$251430Lucia & Pedro06/01/2022
Wed, Jun 08$251524Richard Pietrzak06/08/2022
Thu, Jun 09$351369Louise Lee06/08/2022
Fri, Jun 10$301802John Lampert06/08/2022
Sat, Jun 11
Sun, Jun 12
Mon, Jun 13$351718Lori M. Gillooly06/08/2022
Tue, Jun 14$751128Margaret Cook Levy06/08/2022
Wed, Jun 15$251829Annette & Tim Gibbard06/15/2022
Thu, Jun 16$301413Judith Liebman06/15/2022
Fri, Jun 17$251236Alan Gold06/15/2022
Sat, Jun 18
Sun, Jun 19
Mon, Jun 20$251709Kathleen Wirt06/15/2022
Tue, Jun 21$301717

Richard Pietrzak06/15/2022
Wed, Jun 22$501822Justine Zeppone06/22/2022
Thu, Jun 23$251083Jennifer Hodgman06/22/2022
Fri, Jun 24$301213Phil & Linda Cennerzazzo06/22/2022
Sat, Jun 25
Sun, Jun 26
Mon, Jun 27$251459Mary Mulvaney06/22/2022
Tue, Jun 28$501112Peter Cafone06/22/2022
Wed, Jun 29$251793Michael Smith06/29/2022
Thu, Jun 30$351304Rick Hodgman06/29/2022
Fri, Jul 01$251202Barbara Farrell06/29/2022
Sat, Jul 02
Sun, Jul 03
Mon, Jul 04$1001128Margaret Cook Levy06/29/2022
Tue, Jul 05$251752Ken West06/29/2022
Wed, Jul 06$301744Andrew Mboya07/06/2022
Thu, Jul 07$251842Patricia Ebel07/06/2022
Fri, Jul 08$301480Anna Navatta07/06/2022
Sat, Jul 09
Sun, Jul 10
Mon, Jul 11$251198Alex Esteban07/06/2022
Tue, Jul 12$301512Lee Porter07/06/2022
Wed, Jul 13$251161Jean Csaposs07/13/2022
Thu, Jul 14$501067Joan Braun07/13/2022
Fri, Jul 15$251429Concepcion Mendoza07/13/2022
Sat, Jul 16
Sun, Jul 17
Mon, Jul 18$251847Lorenzo Magale07/13/2022
Tue, Jul 19$751510Mark & Debra Plage07/13/2022
Wed, Jul 20$351833Michael Melignano07/20/2022
Thu, Jul 21$251203William Fellinger07/20/2022
Fri, Jul 22$301068Joan Braun07/20/2022
Sat, Jul 23
Sun, Jul 24
Mon, Jul 25$251202Barbara Farrell07/20/2022
Tue, Jul 26$251807Kathy Rohr07/20/2022
Wed, Jul 27$301390Thomas Leonard07/27/2022
Thu, Jul 28$251808Layla Ajdinovska07/27/2022
Fri, Jul 29$501242Latoya Miller07/27/2022
Sat, Jul 30
Sun, Jul 31
Mon, Aug 01$251742David-Michael 07/27/2022
Tue, Aug 02$751506Ursula Pico-Reinacher 07/27/2022
Wed, Aug 03$301369Louise Lee08/03/2022
Thu, Aug 04$501348Tammy Lane08/03/2022
Fri, Aug 05$251305Linda Horvath08/03/2022
Sat, Aug 06
Sun, Aug 07
Mon, Aug 08$501395Roy Lippin08/03/2022
Tue, Aug 09$301367Jim Langendoen08/03/2022
Wed, Aug 10$251741Shoshana Stubin08/10/2022
Thu, Aug 11$301084Linda Hodgman08/10/2022
Fri, Aug 12$251260Warren Williams08/10/2022
Sat, Aug 13
Sun, Aug 14
Mon, Aug 15$251197Lottie Esteban08/10/2022
Tue, Aug 16$501824Lucas & Carson Calabrese08/10/2022
Wed, Aug 17$301504Marianne Pettineo08/17/2022
Thu, Aug 18$251197Lottie Esteban 08/17/2022
Fri, Aug 19$501648Mary Turner08/17/2022
Sat, Aug 20
Sun, Aug 21
Mon, Aug 22$301161Jean Esaposs08/17/2022
Tue, Aug 23$251843Patricia Ebel 08/17/2022
Wed, Aug 24$501512Lee Porter08/24/2022
Thu, Aug 25$251744Andrew Mboya08/24/2022
Fri, Aug 26$301524Richard Pietrzak08/24/2022
Sat, Aug 27
Sun, Aug 28
Mon, Aug 29$251645Joseph Molee08/24/2022
Tue, Aug 30$251242Latoya Miller08/24/2022
Wed, Aug 31$2501839Donna Chrinian08/31/2022

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