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Bergen County Voting Information

If voters will not be able to go to the polls on Election Day, they may either request a Mail-In Ballot or go to an in-person early voting facility.

In-person early voting facilities for this upcoming General Election will be open from October 23rd to October 31st. The voting machines at the facilities will be ADA compliant. They will have a headset and controller.

The voter will be able to mark their ballot and review their ballot in private. In order to cast their ballot, this is where they will need a little assistance. The voters will need to insert their ballot into a scanner on-site. There will be privacy sleeves that they can use so when they are receiving assistance, the ballot will not be able to be seen by the poll worker or personal assistant.

They may contact the Board of Elections at 201-336-6235 or elections@co.bergen.nj.us  for updates on where those locations will be.

Voters with visual impairments can request to receive audio CD’s of their Sample Ballots by contacting the Board of Elections office.


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