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Board and Officer Elections
hip Thanks . . .
Michael Augustowicz Named Volunteer of the Year 20
Eileen Goff and DeWitt & Associates Honored on CBV
Awards Cite _Trailblazing_ and Technology
We Mourn...
A First! MTS Transcribes Teaching Manual into Russ
Snow Removal Obligations Have Been Modified
Don_t Let Winter Weather Slow You Down
Cleaning for a REASON...
The Lydia Hayes Trailblazer Award to Eileen Goff
The Norma Krajczar Technology Award to DeWitt & As
Hudson hip Welcomes Amy Giron to Staff
New Program at Hudson hip
Bergen hip Welcomes New Staff Members
2011 hip Membership off to a Flying Start
Congratulations to the Pot O_ Gold Winners!
Public Bus Riders!
Government Supports _From Institutions to Independ
Calendar of Events
hip Offers Innovative Programs to Meet the Indepen
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 A new level of enthusiasm peaked at hip_s Annual Meeting at the Fort Lee DoubleTree Hotel on November 16th in response to the spirited address of sportscaster Ed Lucas, who called his speech to the delighted crowd, _Look What Happened Because I Didn_t Give Up!_
Ed is someone who clearly has never _given up_ on life and certainly not during his long career as broadcaster and interviewer for the New York Yankees.
Ed described how an errant line drive while he was playing sandlot baseball at the age of 12 destroyed his eyesight. The irony of receiving a devastating injury while playing the sport he loved so passionately was not lost on his audience. Ed credits his mother for her devotion and resourcefulness in helping him achieve his goals; first, she reached out to his childhood hero _ Yankee Phil Rizzuto _ and told him about her son. Rizzuto became Ed_s mentor and lifelong friend. When Ed was denied educational support because his chosen career _ sports broadcasting _ was considered impossible for a person with vision loss, his mother went to work to pay his tuition. _She became a boxer,_ said Ed, and brought down the house when he added that she boxed tomatoes for years at the local A & P. Throughout his talk, Ed_s uplifting and often humorous anecdotes were interrupted by bursts of applause.
Ed Lucas did not let his disability prevent him from becoming an award-winning reporter covering the Yankees and the New York baseball scene for the past 55 years. He knows more about baseball than most people. A good friend of the late George Steinbrenner, his name is attached to a seat in the press box. As a reporter for the Mets and the Yankees, Ed covered the playoffs, the World Series, and All Star games. Ed has worked as a syndicated radio personality and has been inducted into the New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame. Actor and producer Stanley Tucci is making a movie based on Ed_s true story.
To top off an already distinguished career, Seton Hall University and WCBS-880 AM, the Yankees Radio Network, have teamed up to support _Strikeouts for Scholarships,_ a program in Ed_s honor.
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  Board and Officer Elections
 Also on the agenda at the Annual Meeting, CEO Eileen Goff reported on hip_s programs and services during the past year and called on all staff and volunteers to take a well-deserved bow.
Elections and re-elections to the hip Board of Trustees also took place. Anne Marie Prendergast, a member of the Nominating Committee, first announced the retirement from the Board of Roy Lippin, who has served with distinction and loyal support for a full six years.
Bob Ciavaglia was elected to his first full term on the Board, Anna Navatta and Rick Hodgman for new first terms, having served as officers; Helen Marshall and Hyacinthe Nkurunziza, for second and third terms, respectively. Finally, Anne Marie announced that the Board of Trustees has selected three of its members as officers for new terms: Board chair, Jean Csaposs; 1st vice chair, Lottie Esteban; and 2nd vice chair, Anne Marie Prendergast. John DeWitt continues as treasurer, and Joe Tomasko as Board secretary.
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  hip Thanks . . .
 We appreciate the contributions hip receives throughout the year and thank the following individuals and organizations for their recent exceptional generosity:
Gaynell Crismale
Lottie Esteban and Family
Betty A. Fetzer
Fund for the New Jersey Blind
The Richard S. Wolfman Family Foundation
River Edge Lions Club
We also thank Debbie Emery from the Volunteer Center of Bergen County and the parishioners of St. Peter the Apostle Church in River Edge for their efforts and generosity in providing gifts to many of our consumers 2010 holiday season.
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 Medicaid coverage through New Jersey WorkAbility is a great way for qualified individuals with disabilities to increase their working income and still receive full Medicaid health benefits. New Jersey WorkAbility is a state and federally funded program that covers all the medical and healthcare services available to individuals through Medicaid. Individuals are allowed to keep their Social Security Disability benefits, depending on the amount of working income they receive (up to $54,948) and are allowed to have up to $20,000 in liquid assets, own a home, a car, and have an IRA or 401K. Services include prescription drugs, doctors, dentists, hospital and personal care assistant services, just to name a few.
For more information, or to set up a presentation for your group or organization, contact: cynthia.mapp@dhs.state.nj.us
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  Michael Augustowicz Named Volunteer of the Year 20
 Michael Augustowicz, a valued hip member, was named _Volunteer of the Year 2010_ by the Health Care Association of New Jersey at an awards luncheon on October 26th at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Two hundred representatives of health care facilities statewide applauded as Michael accepted the award from Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (District 38).
Michael underwent bilateral metatarsal foot amputations in 2003 as a result of diabetes and spent nearly three years at Bergen Regional Medical Center undergoing rehabilitation.
The day following his discharge from the hospital, he returned as a volunteer and the rest is history. Michael volunteers 30 hours a week at Bergen Regional, where he assists with therapeutic recreation, helping to plan many events and activities that make residents feel they are still part of a community, not prisoners of their condition. Michael also is a volunteer in Dumont, where he lives, and at hip, helping with large events, meetings, mailings, and recently, with an incredibly successful voter registration drive.
Formerly executive chef at Ramapo College, today Michael thoroughly enjoys volunteering. His dedication is part of his effort to be an example to others with disabilities. As he says, _I don_t have a disability _ I have different abilities. I_m not handicapped, but handy and capable._
Congratulations, Michael! You are truly a splendid example for us all!
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  Eileen Goff and DeWitt & Associates Honored on CBV
 2010 was an exciting year for the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. In celebration of its 100th anniversary, CBVI held a series of outstanding special events throughout the year, casting a new and welcome spotlight on this pioneer organization and honoring many individuals and organizations for their work to enhance opportunities for New Jerseyans with vision loss.
The 100th Anniversary Awards Luncheon held on October 27th at the Hilton Woodbridge Hotel brought the year-long _Celebration of Partnership and Progress_ to a fitting climax. Five individuals and three organizations were honored, among them two outstanding leaders in the field of vision loss, hip_s own President and CEO, Eileen Goff, and DeWitt & Associates, the company founded and directed by hip Treasurer and former Board president, John De Witt. The Awards Luncheon was co-sponsored by the Fund for the New Jersey Blind, Inc.
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  Awards Cite _Trailblazing_ and Technology
 Eileen was honored with the Lydia Hayes Trailblazer Award, a fitting choice for someone whose creativity and bold innovations have set a standard for the heights that individuals with vision loss, and by extension, all people with disabilities, can reach in the quest for maximum independent living. The award is named for the founder of the Commission, Lydia Young Hayes, _a blind teacher of blind children, who established the state_s first integrated classes for blind and sighted students within the Newark school system._
John_s company received the Norma Krajczar Technology Award. Readers of hipNews are well acquainted with the major influence of DeWitt & Associates in opening new opportunities for people with vision loss of all ages to master assistive technology _for school, work and personal enrichment._ Countless individuals have become gainfully employed through the training received from the 20-member DeWitt staff under John_s leadership. His award is named in honor of a former Executive Director of the Commission, who was present at the October luncheon to bestow the award.
About 300 people from every part of the state were present to celebrate the Commission_s 100 years of service and to applaud the honorees. Paula Walsh, Program Director, represented hip at the Awards ceremony. The luncheon was preceded by a _fair_ at which a multitude of products and services of value to people with vision loss were presented. hip is proud of our two honorees. The citations that accompanied their awards are paraphrased here.
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  We Mourn...
 Lloyd Wood, who had a long history as a hip volunteer, died on January 23, 2011.
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  A First! MTS Transcribes Teaching Manual into Russ
 hip_s Multimedia Transcription Service produced hundreds of textbooks in 2010. One of the things that makes MTS unique from other _full-service_ transcription agencies is that MTS broadens the word _full._ We recently were able to fill a request from the Department of Homeland Security by transcribing a teaching manual into Russian braille. We pride ourselves in being able to provide service for requests that elsewhere might go unfulfilled.
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  Snow Removal Obligations Have Been Modified
 Snow removal is a challenge for everyone, but especially for people with mobility issues. A lot of confusion exists about just who is responsible for removing the snow and how long they have to get that accomplished. We have all seen both public and private entities clear the snow by moving it into areas they believe will not be needed _ areas such as handicapped accessible parking spots. We have also seen the cleared narrow walkways along sidewalks which permit someone on foot to get through, but are inadequate for someone in a wheelchair or scooter. And then we have the curb cuts at corners both in downtown areas and residential neighborhoods that are cleared of snow just wide enough for someone on foot but far too narrow for wheelchairs, scooters, or for those using walkers.
Such oversights have plagued people with disabilities for a long time. Generally, it_s an issue of thoughtlessness, not meanness. People simply lack the understanding of people with disabilities and too often erroneously believe that those with mobility issues have no reason or ability to leave their homes during inclement weather. Many don_t realize that people with disabilities also drive, also have jobs, and have the very same needs and obligations as anyone else in our communities. To address this problem, the Department of Transportation and the New Jersey Legislature put into place requirements for snow removal with stronger penalties and a definite time allotment that impact upon both the private and public sectors.
Here_s what we all need to know:
_ It is mandated that within 24 hours after a storm ends, snow and ice must be removed from specific parking spaces, curb cuts and other improvements that are designed to provide accessibility for people with disabilities. In addition, the paths that access these improvements must not be obstructed.
_ Violators will now be liable for an increased penalty of not less than $500, or more than $1,000, for each space that is obstructed.
_ In commercial locations, store parking lots, entrances, walkways and handicapped accessible parking spots should be cleared by the business owners. Streets, crosswalks and curb cuts on public streets in these locations are cleared by the municipality.
_ In residential locations, sidewalks should be cleared by the home owner or landlord. If you need an area cleared on the sidewalk along the curb to provide access for a vehicle lift, inform your landlord about that so it can be provided when the sidewalk is being cleared.
_ On streets and sidewalks, if you encounter any obstructions to access areas, such as curb cuts, ramps, or handicapped accessible parking spaces because of snow or ice, and it is more than 24 hours from the time the storm ended, try to speak with the business owner or landlord.
If this does not bring results, call your local police department and the municipality or town ADA official and report the situation. Keep a record of the name of the person you speak with and the date and time you made the call.
Whenever possible, take a photo of an existing problem (many cell phones have this ability) and record the date and time the photo is taken. After making calls, revisit the location and if the situation is not resolved in a timely manner, you can call hip at 201-996-9100 ext. 16. We will be able to assist you in advocating further. It is up to all of us to do what we can to ensure that these new mandates are vigorously enforced.
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  Don_t Let Winter Weather Slow You Down
 Winter weather can make it very difficult to get around and stay active, but everyone needs to exercise regularly in order to maintain good health. There are many easy and affordable ways to stay fit during cold and snowy winter days. The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD) is an excellent resource for information about health, fitness, and adaptive exercise routines. You can also speak with a certified personal trainer who can help you find a fitness routine that best suits your needs. For more information, go to www.ncpad.org or call 1-800-900-8086 V/TTY.
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  Cleaning for a REASON...
 hip has learned of a valuable housekeeping resource! A cleaning service provides FREE housecleaning _ once per month for four months _ to any woman undergoing chemotherapy. All she has to do is to sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning for a Reason will arrange to have a participating maid service in her zip code area perform the service. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these women. Please pass the word that there are people who care and are available and willing to help. www.cleaningforareason.org
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  The Lydia Hayes Trailblazer Award to Eileen Goff
 Awardee Motto:
Why Not??
1974 _ Designed Shining Lights, to address _leisure time and independent living needs of older adults._ Program became a model throughout the state and was followed by FOCUS, addressing relevant issues of younger adults with vision loss.
1978 _ After _discovering_ cross country skiing, founded Athletics for Blind Leisure Enthusiasts (ABLE), whose year-round outdoor activities included water skiing, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and cross country skiing.
1988 _ Incorporated Heightened Independence & Progress (hip), the first Center for Independent Living established in New Jersey, successor to the program founded in 1980. With the satellite later formed in Hudson, hip is the only agency focusing on the independent living needs of all people with disabilities in Bergen and Hudson Counties and beyond.
1994 _ Founded Multimedia Transcription Service (MTS) to meet the needs of braille readers. Significant producer of braille textbooks for students across the country.
1999 _ Undertook administration of statewide mentoring and skills development programs for high school students with vision loss. Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Determination (LEAD) has benefited hundreds of young people as they prepare for their future.
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  The Norma Krajczar Technology Award to DeWitt & As
 Awardee Motto:
innovation, industry
DeWitt & Associates has served many thousands of blind and low vision individuals for 21 years. Founder John DeWitt attributes his company_s success to the 20 multi-talented, dedicated associates that form the nucleus of the firm.
It began with a dream. While employed at the American Foundation for the Blind, John foresaw that technology, appropriately deployed, would be the future path to independence for blind and visually impaired individuals for school, work, and personal enrichment. He formed DeWitt & Associates in 1989.
NJCBVI engaged DeWitt in 1992 to address the assistive technology needs of its vocational rehabilitation consumers. The program expanded to include students K-12 and older adults not in the vocational stream to enhance their technology skills for all aspects of their lives.
DeWitt has developed widely recognized training techniques and curriculum materials for blindness-related organizations through the US and overseas and is proud to have customers in all 50 states, several Canadian provinces, and nine other countries. The firm partners with many for-profit corporations, making their products increasingly usable. Recently DeWitt was awarded a contract to enable Federal government agencies to use DeWitt training and materials for the benefit of its employees, constituents, and veterans with disabilities.
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  Hudson hip Welcomes Amy Giron to Staff
 Amy Giron joined the Hudson hip staff as the Community Independent Living Support (CILS) care manager in October. Amy comes to hip with an extensive background in case management. She began her career working with women newly released from prison. She has worked most recently with people who are homeless, with substance abusers, and with a children_s services agency in New York City. She has also built housing and cared for orphaned children in South America.
Amy and her husband are the parents of an eight-year-old son. The family recently moved to Fair Lawn from New York City. Her hobbies include bicycling and volunteering at a soup kitchen in her community.
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  New Program at Hudson hip
 Hudson hip is now a care management site for the Medicaid Global Options Program, which assists eligible individuals who wish to avoid going into a nursing home or wish to make the transition from a nursing home to community living. hip staff can help with the application process, assist with development of the service plan, and provide ongoing support as Global Options participants manage their in-home services. For additional information about the Global Options program, contact Claudia Urdanivia, curdanivia.hud@hipcil.org.
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_Through the Looking Glass_ and its National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families are pleased to announce new scholarships specifically for high school seniors or college students who have parents with disabilities. A total of ten $1,000 scholarships will be given out for the fall of 2011. These scholarships are part of _Through the Looking Glass_s_ National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families. There are separate eligibility requirements for high school seniors and for college students:
1. High School Seniors. To be eligible, a student must be a high school graduate (or graduating senior) by Summer 2011, planning to attend a two-year or four-year college in Fall 2011 in pursuit of an AA, BA or BS degree, and have at least one parent with a disability.
2. College Students. To be eligible, a student must be currently enrolled in a two-year or four-year college in Fall 2011 in pursuit of an AA, BA or BS degree, be 21 years of age or younger as of March 1, 2011, and have at least one parent with a disability.
All application materials must be postmarked by March 1, 2011. Individuals may submit only one application per award period.
Selection criteria for all scholarships include academic performance, community activities and service, letter of recommendation and an essay describing the experience of growing up with a parent with a disability. For more information, including the application form, application directions, and an FAQ page, visit their website: http://www.lookingglass.org. The FAQ page answers many common questions and offers helpful suggestions.
Through the Looking Glass
3075 Adeline Street
Suite 120
Berkeley, CA 94703
(800) 644-2666
(510) 848-2005 (TTY)
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  Bergen hip Welcomes New Staff Members
 Jessica Marchione joined the Bergen hip staff in September. She is part of the care management team at the Bergen CIL, sharing responsibility for two hip programs: Support for Independent Living and Caregiver Assistance and Support. A 1997 graduate of Pascack Hills High School, Jessica attended Seton Hall University and Ramapo College. She has been a social worker for nine years, primarily in the field of geriatric care. Jessica and her husband Michael recently moved to Bergenfield with their cat, Sadie. Jessica is a football fan and enjoys cooking and traveling.
hip welcomed Karen Baron to the staff in October as Coordinator of Marketing and Communications. Her duties include public relations, website administration, and developing marketing materials and newsletters. A resident of Leonia, Karen recently retired from the Fort Lee school system as orchestra director, and currently serves as associate choir director for the Tenafly Presbyterian Church. Karen_s family includes three grown children and five delightful grandchildren. Her other interests include cooking, gardening, and travel.
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  2011 hip Membership off to a Flying Start
 hip thanks the following _early birds_ for joining or rejoining our Centers for Independent Living for the year 2011! We appreciate your prompt and loyal support! We look forward to more 2011 members.
Miriam Abrams-Arnold
Todd Adams
Audy Altine
Ivis Alvarez
Susan Andrews
Kevin Angelini
An Anonymous Life member *
James Arkills
Paul S. Aronsohn
Michael Augustowicz
Barbara Banta
Tina Barbulean
Karen F. Baron
Megan Barron
Walter Bartolomucci, Jr.
Susan Bauer
Deborah Baumann-Dasilva
Annie G. Been
Gilbert Benson
Joan Bermingham
Darrell & Tamiko Bethea *
Paula Bloom
Jerry Bojko
Barbara Brave
Gail Braun
Heather Broad
Lilith Bryant
Elaine Buckwald
Scott & Debbie Buckwald
Mr. & Mrs. George Bullerdick
Daniel, Brenda & Jerome Calabrese
Christine & Theresa Calautti
Karen Carattini
Tonielle Cardinalle
Trish Carney
Nancy Carr
Kay Chase *
Philip J. Chirafisi
David Clark
Betsy Cousins-Coleman
James Corbett
Sonia Cordova
Jim & Jean Csaposs *
Dolores Cordier
Ivan Cueva
Joan & Russell D_Angelo
Marie Dabagian
Ralph M. DeSimone
John C. De Witt *
Anthony Dinaro
Donald Disch
Josephine Donalson
Maria I Donohue
James F. Dougherty
Barbara Dublin *
J. Robert Duffy *
Dennis Dusevic
George O. Dyer
Regina Dzamba
Patricia Ebel
Barbara Ecker
Austin Epstein
Lottie Esteban *
Alicia Facchino
Anne Factor
Edward Fedush
Glen P. Feinberg
Nancy Fenn
Betty A. Fetzer *
Virginia Flynn & Warren Williams
Irene Frank
Beverly J. Frost
The Gabry Family
Gerardine Galvin
David & Rose Ann Garippa
Natalie Glicksman *
Eileen Goff *
Alan & Lynn Gold
Janice Greaney
Diana Guerrero
Mary Jo Hackett
Bojane Heap
Raymond Heffernan, Jr.
Sheryl & Ray Heffernan, Sr.
Ilse Heller
Julie Hobart
Richard M. Hodgman & Co., CPA +
Henry Hof
Pat Iarkowski
Louis Intorre
Walter T. Jablonski
Joseph (Jay) Janiec
Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities
Theresa Johnston
Nancy Judge
Stefanie Keiser
Lorraine Kendel
Mary Keough
Timothy Kerr
Joan F. Klug *
John Koch *
Kevin X. Kyle
Ellen La Furn
Frank & John Lampert-Hopkins
Jeanne Laraia
Virginia L. Laughlin
Susan Lee
Eve & Mort Levinson
Gloria Lieberstein
Judith Liebman
Richard John Lillis
Carmela Link
Roy Lippin *
Diane Love
Dena MacNab
Margaret J. Mahoney
Joyce & Leonard Malech *
Helen Marshall *
Eileen R. Martin
William Matthews
Alice Mawson
Aimee McCarthy
Patrick & Dorothy McCarthy
Laura Mclarnon
Olga Melgarejo
Ann Melone *
Luis M. Mendez
Barbara Meuser & Colleen Takach
Dr. Frances Meyer *
Louise A. Micci
Lisa H. Miller
Michelene Montenegro
Nicholas W. Moreth, Jr.
John Mulholland
Letty J. Munz, Ph.D.
Amy Myers
Bill Negahbani
Helen Nonas
Hyacinthe Nkurunziza
Northeast NJ Legal Services, Anna Navatta, Esq. +
Clinton & Josephine Oates
Mario & Jorge Olivares
Rose Mary Overton
Emerlinda Padilla
Marian Padilla
Ji Hyeoe Park
Andrew Pecorelia
Maria & David Perez
J.S. Perlman & Co. +
Marianne Pignocelli *
Dr. Sandra Ruth Pinkerton
Jonathan Pixley
Anne Marie Prendergast
Noel Prussack
Kathy & Cheyette Rager
Melanie Reach
Joe Revello
Brandon Rodriguez-Padilla
Susan Romano
Rosemarie E. Rose
Linda Ross
Shifra Ruda
Christopher Russo
Beverly L. Ryan
Nita Salileng
Maria Santanascio
Mary San Filippo
Marie Sawyer
Jill Scheffler
Mrs. Jack Schwartz *
Barbara & Stephanie Seid
Diane Sheiman
Amy Skok
Lynn Smith
Beth Shapiro Steele
Stolfo Family
Samy Suqi
Stephanie Thomas
Anthony & Mary Tobia
Janet Tolliver & Joseph Molee
Joseph Tomasko
Angela & Andrea Torres
Elizabeth Unger
Danny Vaca
Lauren Valenta
Marianne Valls
Angelissa Vasquez & Family
Ron Vida
Visiting Homemaker Home Health Aide Service of Bergen County +
Roberta Wailes *
Larry & Paula Walsh
Frank, Beverly, & Paul Wennin
Winifred Whilby
Mildred Williams
Richard S. Wolfman *
Kathy Wood
Anthony & Mary Yorio *
Nancy & Barry Zweben
Cindy Zirkin
Maureen Zurlo

Life Member *
Corporate Member +
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 The holiday gift-giving season began at Thanksgiving and gathered momentum throughout the festive month of December as hundreds of gifts arrived at the Bergen hip office. This past year, hip, together with the Volunteer Center of Bergen County, provided gifts for 8 families and 6 individuals through the Volunteer Center_s _All Wrapped Up_ Holiday Giving Program. The hip conference room was soon filled to overflowing through the generosity of parishioners of St. Peter the Apostle Church in River Edge. Approximately 30 families who are served by hip in Bergen and Hudson counties, including seven residents of Bergen Regional Medical Center, benefited from the generous outpouring of holiday joy shown by the River Edge parish. Gift cards for pharmacies, local shops and supermarkets were deeply appreciated by all. Toys and a karaoke set were sure to make children smile. Everyone also received homemade blankets and throws made by the St. Peter_s Quilters. hip staffers Trish Carney and Paula Walsh coordinated the collection and distribution of the holiday gifts. Thanks, one and all, for sharing the holiday spirit!
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  Congratulations to the Pot O_ Gold Winners!
 The winners of the 2010 Pot O_ Gold were announced at the Holiday Party on December 12th. First prize, $1060, was won by Gaynell Crismale of River Edge, and Jersey City resident Rigubento Zapata won the $265 second prize. Ed Fedush of Garfield received $50 for selling the largest number of raffle books. Congratulations, all!
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  Public Bus Riders!
 You Are Invited to Participate in an Online Public Transportation Survey
The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation, a partnership between the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and the IDEA Center at SUNY Buffalo, is currently recruiting individuals (18 and older) with varying abilities to participate in an online survey (15-20 minutes) that investigates user requirements for public transit buses. The survey includes questions on individuals_ experiences getting on and off of public buses, circulating inside buses, understanding the communication and information systems of public buses, as well as issues concerning rider safety. The information collected from this study should help identify the aspects of public bus usage that merit further experimental research in controlled settings. The survey is open to participants until April 1, 2011.
Don_t have e-mail at home? Take the contact information below, or this page, to a friend_s home, or perhaps to your public library, where you can sign on with ease. Those taking the survey are guaranteed anonymity.
To access the survey, visit:
If you have any special questions, you are welcome to e-mail Jordana Maisel at jlmaisel@buffalo.edu, or by telephone at (716)829-5902.
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  Government Supports _From Institutions to Independ
 An update from the website, www.Disability.gov

U.S. Departments of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and Health & Human Services (HHS) Announce Effort to Move Persons with Disabilities from Institutions to Independence. (Internet Users: Use Ctrl/click to follow the links underlined below)
HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have announced a partnership to help nearly 1,000 non-elderly Americans with disabilities leave nursing homes or other facilities to live independently. HUD and HHS are offering rental assistance, health care and other supportive services targeted to this population.
The two agencies also launched the Housing Capacity Building Initiative for Community Living Project to help seniors and people with chronic conditions find suitable housing and live more independent lives. This is the first time two federal agencies are offering a combination of services targeted to this population.
HUD is providing $7.5 million in rental assistance vouchers that will help nearly 1,000 individuals with disabilities rent private apartments. Public housing authorities in 15 states will administer the rental subsidies and will work with state human service agencies to identify eligible individuals who could benefit from the program.
Individuals receiving rental assistance through the program will also receive health and social supports that will enable them to live independently. These supports are provided through the HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid_s _Money Follows the Person_ (MFP) grant program, which allows individuals who qualify for Medicaid-funded nursing home or other institutional care to receive supports _ such as in-home nursing and personal care services _ while living in the community instead. In places where the MFP program is not available, services will be provided by a state-sponsored institutional transitional program comparable to MFP that includes dedicated supportive services.
_The Obama administration is committed to helping Americans with disabilities live independent lives. Housing is a critical piece of the equation when it comes to transitioning out of institutions,_ said Secretary Donovan.
_Coordinating this effort with the Department of Health and Human Services is an important step in ensuring that more Americans with disabilities will have the housing and support they need to fully participate in community life._
_Through our collaboration with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, I know that we will be able to dramatically change peoples_ lives,_ said Secretary Sebelius. _Individuals with disabilities can have a life in the community that serves their needs and supports them in leading productive, meaningful lives._
To find your local Public Housing Agency, follow this link: http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/pha/contacts/index.cfm
For more information, follow this link: http://www.disability.gov/community_life/independent_living/home_&_community-based_services
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  Calendar of Events
Support Group Meetings
February 10
11 a.m. _ 1 p.m.
Women_s Support Group meets on the second Thursday at the Bergen Office
March 31
11 a.m. _ 1 p.m.
COPE (M.S. Support Group) usually meets on the last Thursday of each month. Call ahead for the location and transportation details.
March 25
11:30 a.m. _ 1:30 p.m.
Membership Meeting Quick and Easy Nutrition Tips
February 23
5:30 p.m.
hip Board Meeting
In case of inclement weather, please call the
hip office to see if the event/meeting will be held.
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  hip Offers Innovative Programs to Meet the Indepen
 hip Offers Innovative Programs to Meet the Independent Living Needs of People with Disabilities in Bergen and Hudson Counties and Beyond
Founded in 1980, Heightened Independence & Progress (hip) is celebrating 30 years of service. hip not only continues to provide vital assistance through information, referral, advocacy, and peer support, but also offers a wide variety of programs to people with all types of disabilities in Bergen and Hudson Counties. Some programs have statewide, even national impact. The following is a summary of hip programs.
Adjustment to Vision Loss coordinates peer support groups and assists with access to mental health professionals for individuals with vision loss. Contact: Susan Vanino (Bergen)
Caregiver Assistance and Support Project (CASP) provides care management to Bergen County residents 60 and over who are providing care for younger adults with physical disabilities. Contact: Jessica Marchione, Alicia Freda (Bergen)
Community Advocacy and Outreach Program seeks to promote full inclusion through advocacy, education and legislation. Contact: Nancy Hodgins (Bergen)
Comprehensive Independent Living Support (CILS), a new program providing short-term or ongoing assistance to individuals in Hudson County to remain in the community. Contact: Amy Giron (Hudson)
Hispanic Outreach Program directs all Independent Living services to individuals with disabilities of Hispanic origin, in English and Spanish. Contact: Lucy Montalvo (Bergen) or Marily Gonzalez (Hudson)
Leadership Education, Advocacy, and Determination (LEAD), a statewide mentoring and skills-building project, assists high school students with vision loss in their transition to adult life. Contact: Maria Valentin (Bergen)
Modification Access Project (MAP) assists with funding for barrier-free home renovation projects from concept to completion. Contact: Maria Valentin (Bergen)
Multimedia Transcription Service (MTS) converts written materials into Braille, large print, and audiotape formats. Contact: Theresa Johnston (Bergen)
Our New Journey provides financial and practical help to families newly impacted by the onset of illness or disability. Contact: Anne Ciavaglia McMahon (201-288-2867)
Polio Network of New Jersey _ The Ruprecht Fund. hip administers this fund for PNNJ to help polio survivors in New Jersey finance necessary products and services. Contact: Maria Valentin (Bergen)
Special Assistance for Independent Living (SAIL) provides funding to Hudson County residents for assistive devices or barrier-free home renovation projects. Contact: Marily Gonzalez (Hudson)
Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) provides funding and facilitates acquisition of services and adaptive devices such as wheelchairs, bathroom equipment, hearing aids and more. Contact: Maria Valentin (Bergen)
Support for Independent Living (SIL) provides ongoing care management services through assessment, linkage, and coordination for people with disabilities (18-59). Contact: Jessica Marchione, Alicia Freda (Bergen)
Support Groups _ COPE (Multiple Sclerosis) and Women with Disabilities. Contact: Paula Walsh (Bergen)
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): A new state-funded case management program for New Jersey residents who have survived an acquired brain injury, for services and supports they need to live in the community. Contact: Paula Walsh and Alicia Freda (Bergen); Marily Gonzalez (Hudson)
Youth Envisioning Success (YES!) assists high school students and families to move from school to adult life. Contact: Alanna Staton (Bergen Office); Marian Padilla (Hudson)
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